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Select Voiceover Credits

Promo & Commercial

Nectar Mattress

Memorial Day Campaign [Pandora]

Solid Gold Pet Food

"It's Rough Out There" Campaign [Internet Ad]

Shenandoah Valley Organic

New Facility Hiring [Local TV + Radio]


Toy re-launch campaign [Internet Ad]

Medicine Hat College

Student Recruitment [Local TV + Internet Ad]

Rosetta Stone

Multiple, seasonal sale campaigns [Internet and Online Radio]

Character & Animation

Rapunzel + Snow White

Fairy Godmother Stories 4: Puss in Boots

[Video Game]

Opera Chicken

Sesame Street Live! "Make a New Friend"



Sesame Street Live! "Elmo's Green Thumb"


Enchantress + Healer

Grimguard Tactics

[Video Game]

Children / Educational

Duolingo ABC

"Read on My Own" series [App]

Narration and character voices for over 35 stories


Learn to read [App]

Voice of all game, story, and instructional content

Business & E-learning

Vicks Sleepy Time

Product introduction and how-to videos [Web Video]

Simmons Foods

Recruitment video for young professionals [Web Video]

DirecTV Sales Associate Training

High energy spokesperson promoting premium subscriptions [Business]

USAID Pandemic E-Learning

"Jane" - an employee exposed to COVID-19 [Business]


PAW Patrol LIVE! National Tour

Voice of God informational and safety announcements [Theater]

Convergence Virtual Convention

Introduction announcer [Live Event]

Herbalife Annual Convention

Safety and Entrance announcer [Live Event]


The Girl on the Carpathia

Unabridged, Historical Fiction

Puffling Patrol

Children's Book

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

English-Language Learner's Version

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